The Fox Tuttle Hernandez Transportation Group (FTH) was formed in 2001 to provide high quality transportation consulting services to local governments and private sector clients. FTH is owned and operated in Colorado by senior professionals that provide leading edge consulting at cost-effective rates. We offer communities, agencies, and the private sector the following services.

  • Stakeholder Consensus for Complete Street Design
  • Complete Street Design and Monitoring Studies
  • Multimodal Operations Analysis (including MMLOS)
  • Multimodal Safety Evaluations and Walking Audits
  • Corridor Master Plans for Complete Streets
  • Mixed-use Development Traffic Impact Evaluations
  • NACTO and FHWA Bicycle and Pedestrian Facility Design Plans
  • Multimodal Travel Demand Forecasting
  • Traffic Signal Design (Traditional, HAWK, BRT, and RRFB)
  • Roundabout Planning, Operations and Design
  • Parking Master Studies, Planning, and Evaluation
  • Multimodal Traffic Control, Signing & Marking Plans
  • Municipal, County and DOT Complete Street Design Training